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I woke up
Lost and broken
Like being stuck in an abyss
I shout in a room
Full of those i call love
My voice muffled by the tears
Sprunging from my heart
With a sign on my face
I am but a child
Not less than all
They say I’m different
They say I wasn’t meant to be
A punishable mistake
That i will grow
To an aspiring full growth
But how do they know?
When my blood
Is tainted
Not just physically
As i walk with a stick
Or move in a wheelchair
But far beyond
Aren’t we all the same?
Don’t their body breaks?
With each breath?
I want it to be my last
When my mates
Are reaching the sky
I am but in pains
Living a shell of myself
When pity
Is my constant meal
I do but want to rise
Far above the sky
To excell
My stars shall shine
Just like i do everyday
Fighting for my life
And that dream
I shall achieve
For i am, but a WARRIOR.