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The amazing warrioress
Face full of smiles even though in pain.
Fighting fearlessly,
Determined to stay alive.

Never look down on her,
For knowledge is a servant to her
Talents and gift she’s full of it.
For a warrioress is never without skills

Know that she’s not perfect, Nobody is
She has her weaknesses, just like anyone else.
But don’t take her for granted;
For she’s a warrior so magnanimous

Emotions and feelings; she’s got them too
Friendship and Love, she’s entitled to.
She’s got a heart full of gold
That accommodates anyone who cares to hold

To discrimination and stigmatization I say Nay!
Because she’s a normal human who is so gay
Love and cherish her instead; it surely pays
To the amazing Sickle Warrioress I say Aye!